Professional Cutting Blades
Designed for the most demanding applications: concrete, brick, tile, marble, granite and other aggreates.

Professional Wet Blade Spec Sheet
Professional Dry Blade Spec Sheet

Contractor Blades
For cutting general purpose concrete, brick, tile, marble, granite and other aggreates.

Contractor Wet Blade Spec Sheet
Contractor Dry Blade Spec Sheet

Refractory Blades & Grinding Products
Used to cut high alumiuna, meduim duty fire brick, ladly brick and silicon carbide. Will perform on hard materials using fast cutting.

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Core Drilling
Specially formulated drill bits for various wet cutting applications ranging from cured concrete to common brick to highly abrasive block.

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Selecting the right blade

Saw Horsepower
Small saws (7-20hp) require less diamond concentration than larger units.
Strength of Concrete:
May vary in strength from 4,000PSI to well over 19,000PSI. A higher PSI will require a higher concentration of diamond and more horsepower.
Aggregate Hardness:
Most aggreate are classified under the MOHS scale which reanges from 1-10 (10 being the hardest to cut).
Note: when small aggregate is used there is more sand and cement - which enhances the action of the diamond blade.

Aggregate Map