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Case Study No. 31

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Automotive - Case Study No. 31

Case Study No. 31 - OEM Automotive

Manufacturer: OEM
Part: Slip Yolk

Tool Information
Part Number TNMA 334 CBN 220
Tips: Single Tipped
Coolant (yes/no) No Coolant
Operation (turn, mill, etc..) Turn

Job Information
Material Hard Steel Alloy Rc 60-62
Part Name/No. Slip Yolk
Parts Yearly: 1.2 Million
Job Start/End Date Active as of November 2008
  • Brand x was current vendor at $35.00 with 150-180 hits per insert. Bench mark was set by current vendor.
  • Material removed was .020" to .025 per side. CDP supplied inserts for test in grade CB220 with edge prep for hard turning.
  • All Machine parameters remained the same
  • Insert maintained part quality on Slip Yolk for between 220 and 240 parts per insert.
  • Upon approval, further results posted consistently over 220 hits per insert.

Insert Type Inserts per Year Annual Cost
Brand X 4500 x $35 $157,000
CDP Inserts 3600 x $28 $104,000
That's an estimated savings of $53,000!